Mad Russian Drive (5/31/09)
Bear Mt Drive (5/17/09)
Cars and Coffee (5/2/09)
Breakfast and Beer (3/28/09)
Watkins Glen Weekend (10/25/08)

Steven's 91 Honda Beat!

First year I have not brought a vintage S or at least parts. It was a little sad but so many good things happened I am feeling more hopeful :)

First and most exciting, I got to ride in and DRIVE a HONDA BEAT!!! Kisses to Steven of Nova Scotia for that :) I hope driving the S2000 came close to the excitement I felt with the Beat. Wow!!! It's a damn shame this car was never imported into the US :( The Beat is a right hand drive so this was also my first time trying that :) There is a huge following in the UK for the Beat, they do many of the same things we do with our S2000s :)

Second and equally exciting, I am going to cart my previously running S600 engine down to Brian's shop and start tearing it apart. Brian claims that alot of work is taking apart and cleaning (which I am good at) and that he will help me with reassembly (which I am only so so at) ;) :D

There are so many steps after that I don't even want to think about it, but one step at a time. Maybe in a year I will have more money for body and paint work that needs to be done.

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Some of the many cool Hondas on hand for the 2008 Gathering!

Tadashi's new friend! The S2000 is quite large compared to a Beat.

Brian's 65 Honda S600 - an incredibly detailed restoration that still looks fantastic 20 years later.

A red coupe that Brian is helping work on, belonging to Robert and Bev.

A silver coupe in Brian's shop at the moment.

Andy and Kim showed up in another S2000!

Doug working on his car and getting help from Steven.

Jason posing with his engine that he and Brian have rebuilt this summer! Jason vows, next year at this time it goes in a running car. Ellen vows next year her engine will look like this! OMG, we are both crazy!!!

I love Brian's shop... nothing but Hondas as far as the eye can see :)

OK, back to Beat pictures LOL!!! The interior, Steven and Ken in the background laughing at me.

From the rear...

The engine!

Storage space 1... S2000 owners should never complain again!

Storage space 2... mostly room for the spare.

The Beat with Tadashi

The Beat with Tadashi, Brian's S600 and another owner's S800.

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